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Michael Charlie

Michael Charlie is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born in 1976 into the Navajo Nation. He began his interest in crafting pottery when he was 16 years old. Mr. Charlie was inspired by his mother, Susie Charlie, who is credited for developing this unique style of art. She taught her son how to paint the colors on the pottery, as well as etch his pottery free hand. Michael crafts on many different shapes and sizes of pottery like wedding vases, seed pots, water vessels, and ollas. He etches feather designs and other geometric designs. His favorite pieces to craft are the ones he crafts with quality stones of turquoise inlayed into the pottery. Continuing long lived traditions is extremely important to Michael and by constructing his art he feels he is adding to the long lived legacy of his ancestors. The lucrative aspect of the business was also inspiration for him to become an artist. He signs his pottery as: Michael Charlie, Navajo

Michael is related to the following artists: Susie Charlie (mother), Terri Charlie (sister), Brandon Charlie and Myron Charlie (brothers).