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Mildred Antonio

Mildred Antonio, member of the Eagle Clan, is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1937. She was inspired to learn the art of working with clay at the age of 15. Mildred watched her aunt, Marie Torivio, construct her pottery and this sparked an interest in her. Marie taught her all the fundamentals of working with clay using ancient traditional methods. Mildred has also been to several art shows to view the art of other pottery artists and gather some ideas for her own work.

Mildred specializes in the hand coiled traditional Acoma pottery. She is known for her swirl patterns, checker board patterns, and wild antelpe designs incorporated with flowers. She gathers her clay from within the Acoma Pueblo. The clay is hand soaked, cleaned hand mixes, hand coiled, hand sanded, hand painted, and fired outdoors, with natural pigments. Mildred gathers natural flowers and other pigments to boil her own colors on her masterpieces. Mildred signs her pottery as: M. Antonio, Acoma. She is related to the following artists: Santana Antonio (mother-in-law), Milissa Antonio (daughter-in-law), and Frederica Antonio (daughter-in-law).