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Monica Chino

Monica Chino is a full blooded Native American from the Acoma Pueblo. She was born in 1970. Monica was inspired by her mother, Emmalita Chino, to learn the art of pottery making. Emmalita taught Monica all the fundamentals of traditional pottery making. She also shared special techniques which Emmalita learned on her own, by trial and error. Monica seriously began making pottery at the age of 20. The lucrative aspect of the business also played a key roll in her becoming a fine artisan.

Monica specializes in handmade traditional pottery. She gathers natural pigments from within the Acoma Pueblo. Monica soaks the clay, grinds, cleans the clay for imperfections, mixes, hand coils, shapes, sands, polishes, paints, and fires her pottery, the traditional way, outdoors. She hand paints, without stencils or other means, intricate fine line patterns, some of which are borrowed from her mother. She also uses all natural paints derived from plants and minerals also found within her pueblo. Continuing the family tradition of pottery making is very important to her and it’s people like her that ensure its survival. Monica is related to the following artists: Marie Torivio (aunt), Loretta Garcia (aunt), and Rose Chino (aunt). Monica signs her pottery as: Monica Chino, Acoma, N.M. or M.C. Acoma, N.M.