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Nathaniel Vallo

Nathaniel Vallo is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born into the Pueblo of Acoma in 1965. He was inspired by all of his family members to carry on the tradition of crafting pottery. He has been creating his intricate work since 1985. Working with art has always come naturally to Nathaniel. He has always had a creative mind and has established himself as a fine artisan with his unique techniques and styles.

Nathaniel specializes in the hand etched ceramic pottery featuring Kokopelli, geometric designs, mimbres designs, animals, and kachina dancers with intricate pueblo backgrounds. Every pot he etches is different, there are no 2 alike. He applies the paint to his pottery and then he begins etching his intricate masterpieces by hand. Nathaniel said, “A vision of ancestry comes to mind in every piece of pottery that I etch.” Nathaniel pours his heart into his precise intricate art work and is very proud of his accomplishments. According to Nathaniel, working with his style of art is very relaxing and completes his day. He signs his work as: N.Vallo, Acoma, NM.

Nathaniel is related to the following artists: Frederica Antonio, Melissa Antonio (sisters), Clara Santiago (aunt), Felix Poncho (uncle), and the late Rose Poncho (grandmother).