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Pablo Quintana

Pablo B. Quintana, “Ke-Sto-We” (one who carries arrows), was born in 1947 into the Cochiti Pueblo. He was inspired to become an artist by admiring his aunt, Helen Cordero. Pablo observed her art with a keen eye and learned all her secrets to making her fascinating sculptures. Helen once made a figure of Santiago Quintana, who was Pablo’s great uncle that was envisioned as a great hunter, and this made Pablo want to be a part of traditional history. He learned all the fundamentals of making pottery sculptures at the age of 10. He was also inspired artistically to be able to express himself through his art. In High School he had an opportunity to attend a Prep School in New York City where he organized a one man show to allow the public to view his style of pencil drawings and acrylic paintings. It was a cultural shock for him being that he grew up in a small town. Living around the art which he was introduced to in New York City was also a great inspiration for him to continue his artistic endeavors.

Pablo specializes in hand-made micacious clay sculptures, which include storytellers, angels, and nativities. He gathers all of his materials (natural clays) from the grounds within the Cochiti and Picuris Pueblos. He cleans, mixes, shapes, sands, paints, and fires the traditional way, outdoors, provided the weather permits. Pablo said, “People say that it’s free to make my art, but it is not as easy as they say, it’s difficult work, and I am honored to have been gifted with such a talent.” Pablo can also paint on canvas, and he has turned some of his clay sculptures into bronze statues. Pablo signs his pottery as: Pablo Quintana, Cochiti, NM. Pablo is related to the following artists: Liz Baca-Quintana (sister), Vangie Suina (niece), the famous Dena Suina (niece).