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Reyes Panana

Reyes Panama was born into the Jemez Pueblo in 1961. Her inspiration to be an artisan came from the admiration she developed while associating with several other artisans. She wanted to contribute artistically just like other relatives and friends which were artistically inclined. Reyes has been working with clay since the age of 24.

Reyes specializes in handmade koshare storytellers and koshare flute player clay sculptures. She learned the traditional methods of pottery making from many different sources. She found that she enjoyed making clay sculptures the best. The clay used for her sculptures is gathered within the hills of the Jemez Pueblo. She cleans the clay, mixes the clay with temper, forms it into a sculpture, sets it out to dry, sands her koshare sculpture, paints with natural colors using minerals and natural plant life which is also found within the Jemez Pueblo, and finally, fires her art the traditional way, outdoors with cedar chips. Reyes’ koshares are a unique work of art to admire, being that all is made from Mother Earth materials. She adds dried corn stalks for the hair to add a unique flare to her work. Reyes signs her pottery as: R. Panana, Jemez. Reyes is related to the following artists: Pauline Sarracino, Ralph Sarracino (aunt & uncle), and Matthew Panama (cousin).