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Robert Harris, Jr

Robert Harris, Jr. was born into the Hopi Reservation on January 4, 1984. He is a member of the Flute Deer clan. He was inspired to carve on wood by his Father, Robert Harris, Sr. He would sit and watch his father carve his sculptures with great enthusiasm and admiration in hopes of achieving the same skills. It appears from what he has sculpted, he is well on his way to achieve his goal.

Robert began carving on wood at the age of 11, in 1995. He takes strolls along the Rio Grande River in search of decent sizes of cotton wood tree roots to carve on. He carves his sculptures with a regular pocket knife. Robert hand paints his kachinas with acrylic paints. His favorite kachina to carve is the Whipper Kachina. Robert signs his sculptures as: Robert Harris, Jr., Hopi, and followed by a set of hoof prints to denote his clan origin.

Robert is related to the following artists: Robert Harris, Sr. (father), Clyde Harris (brother), Nuvadi Dawahoya (uncle), Delwin Harvey (uncle), and Juanita Healing (grandmother), famous potter.