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Rose Pecos Sun Rhodes

Rose Pecos-Sun Rhodes is a Native American Indian that was born on May 23, 1956 into the the small but active Jemez Pueblo. She learned the traditional methods of working with clay art form by observing and assisting her mother, Carol Pecos. Rose has been hand sculpting clay art using ancient traditional methods since 1972.

Rose has developed her own unique style of flawless hand sculpting designs of exquisite storytellers and figurines. Her art form grabs the attention of viewers with the amount of exquisite detail her creative mind produces. Rose harvests all natural materials and paints which she gathers from within the Jemez Pueblo. Her storytellers are the Navajo women with flared skirts. Her trademark is the little boy wearing a cowboy hat. Rose signs her art as: Rose Pecos-Sun Rhodes of Jemez, followed by a sunface symbol.

Rose is also related to: Stephanie Pecos (sister), Irwin Louis Pecos (brother), and Louisa Pecos (granddaughter).