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Russell Sanchez

Russell Sanchez is a full blooded Native American Indian born in July of 1966 into the San Ildefonso Pueblo. Pueblo children are seldom taught to make pottery, they learn by watching and experimenting with clay on their own. However, Russell was inspired and encouraged to learn the art of pottery making from his aunt, Rose Gonzales, as a young child at the age of twelve. He was also inspired by another famous potter by the name of Dora Tse-Pe’, who encouraged Russell to continue the long lived tradition of constructing vessels from nature’s gifts. He observed her with a careful eye and eventually developed his own techniques and styles. He eventually adopted techniques with the use of inlayed turquoise and heishi beads. He also was influenced by Jody Folwell, who introduced him into using different colors of clays and slips on the same vessels.

Russell specializes in a wide variety of contemporary pottery such as: redware, blackware, micaceous, green clay jars, and figurines. He is a definite outdoorsman and gets most of his inspiration from mother nature. He enjoys hiking around the San Ildefonso Pueblo hills and deserts.