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Thomas Natseway

Thomas G. Natseway is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born on April 19, 1953 into the Laguna Pueblo. He was taught all the fundamentals of constructing handmade pottery using the ancient traditional hand coiling method by his relatives and his wife, Charmae from the Acoma Pueblo. He began his career as a journalist and while interviewing Charmae he fell in love and shortly after married her.

Thomas specializes in hand coiled and hand painted miniature pottery. he gathers all the raw clays and natural vegetation from within the Acoma and Laguna Pueblo. He breaks down the raw clumps into a fine powder from and hand mixes with water. Once the clay is mixed to a fine medium he begins rolling out the moist clay into snake like coils and begins building the desired forms. His pieces are so difficult to construct because a finger usually doesn’t fit inside the lip of the vessels. He hand paints each piece carefully and fires his pottery in a kiln. He signs his pottery as: Thomas Natseway. He is related to: Charmae Natseway (wife), and Peter & Betty Natseway (parents).