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Timmy Yazzie

Timmy Yazzie is a full blooded Native American, half San Felipe and half Navajo. He was born in 1968. He was inspired to make jewelry by his friends Chalmers Day and Jimmy Harrison, who assisted Timmy in mastering his jewelry making skills. He has been making jewelry since 1990.

Timmy specializes in making all types of jewelry. He turns raw silver into fabulous earrings, necklaces, pendants, bolo ties, concho belts, bracelets, and rings. He uses a wide variety of stones on his jewelry. Timmy draws designs on his raw silver freehand, cuts his design out with a coping saw, sauters top plate to the bottom plate, oxidizes, cuts stones out manually, shapes stones and polishes his finished piece. He signs his jewelry as: TY with the Y beneath the letter T.

Timmy is related to the following artists: Dora Yazzie (mother), the late Joe Yazzie, and the late Santana Chavez.