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Vangie Tafoya

Vangie Tafoya was born in the small but active village of Jemez (Walatowa) located about 55 miles from Albuquerque, N.M. She is half San Idelfonso and half Jemez. Vangie comes from a long line of potters, originating with her Grandmother, Maria Sanchez Colaque, she is also related to Maria Martinez, the extremely famous potter known for her black on black pottery. Vangie credits her grandmother for her inspiration and moving spirit behind her desire, to continue the family tradition of pottery making.

Vangie has developed her own unique style of flawless freehand designs of exquisite hummingbirds, water serpents, flowers, and feathers. Her pottery grabs the attention of viewers, allowing them to experience her living art and unique designs. Vangie uses all natural materials and paints which she digs up from the sacred grounds within the Jemez Pueblo. Vangie signs her pottery as: Vangie Tafoya, Jemez, followed by a eagle feather as her own singular trademark, to denote her clan origin.

Vangie is also related to the following artists: Helen Henderson, and Brenda Tafoya (daughters).