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West Mountain

West Mountain is a full blooded Native American Indian. He was born in 1975 and is a member of the Lizard Clan. He is half Laguna Pueblo and half Cochiti Pueblo. West is extremely proud of his heritage and participates in the traditions and ceremonies of his people. He was inspired to learn the art of working with pottery from several family members and various friends. He comes from a family that reinforces the traditional ways of their ancestors. Art has always come naturally to West. When he was a young boy he drew many kachinas and fine line designs on paper. Eventually, he got the idea to put his work on pottery. This developed and improved his drawing skills and techniques. He has been crafting pottery since 1998.

West Mountain specializes in hand crafting Santa Clara pottery. He draws sgraffito designs of highly respected kachinas on his pottery. West uses his steady hand to etch his finely detailed warriors, maidens, and fine line designs of a time when life seemed so much more simple.Then, he accents his pottery with quality turquoise stones to add a unique flare to his art. West is in the early stages of establishing himself as an fine artisan, and he is very proud of this accomplishments to date. His favorite kachina to create is the Poli Kachina, other wise known as the Butterfly Kachina, because of the special dances they perform and their beauty. There is over 300 recognized Kachinas and they represent different spiritual beings that are believed to guide Native American People on the right path of life. He signs his pottery as: West Mountain, Laguna, N.M.