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Santa Clara Pueblo Avanyu Hand Coiled Black Pottery Bowl

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SKU: 022123-PSC-Q100

Born in 1972 into the Bear Clan of Santa Clara Pueblo, Sammy Naranjo (Okuwa Nae' Khung Tsire meaning: Dark Cloud Bird) was encouraged by his mother, Flora Naranjo, to develop his skills in traditional carved pottery from the age of twelve. Today, Sammy's expertise lies in creating two-tone black and sienna pots adorned with meticulously crafted sgraffito designs featuring the avanyu, feather patterns, and bear claws.

Sammy sources his clay from Santa Clara Pueblo land and follows traditional methods to prepare, coil, shape, and polish his pottery using river stones. He fires his creations using horse manure. Describing his passion for pottery, Sammy explains that he enjoys developing his own unique traditional designs and finds the etching process both challenging and fulfilling. He views his pottery as living art, with each piece having its own character and outcome that cannot be altered.

Sammy's exceptional work has been recognized with awards at the New Mexico State Fair, Eight Northern Pueblos Indian Arts & Crafts Show, and the Arizona State Museum in Tucson.

5 1/2" Tall, 9" Wide

This is a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive the exact piece shown.

*This pottery is intended for display only. It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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