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Zuni Pueblo Hand Made Pottery Wedding Vase

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SKU: 042324-PP-N009

Adam Cellicion, son of renowned Zuni potters Deldrick and Lorenda Cellicion, is a master potter himself, having learned the craft from his father. The Cellicion family is famously known for their intricate three-dimensional lizard motifs, which are distinguishable from those of other Pueblos. The skilled artists of Zuni Pueblo are known for their open and elegant pottery pieces, such as baskets and bowls, which often feature common animal images like deer, frogs, lizards, tadpoles, and dragonflies. One of their most beloved designs is the "heartline" deer, depicted with an open mouth and an arrow extending from it to the inside of the deer. Zuni Pueblo pottery is crafted from clay that is tempered with crushed pottery shards or rock, giving it a beautiful white finish reminiscent of ceramic clays. To add even more dimension and color, most Zuni pottery is coated with a white or red slip and adorned with intricate black and red paint.  Signed by the artist.

11 7/8" Tall, 5 1/2" Wide

This is a one-of-a-kind item. You will receive the exact piece shown.

*This pottery is intended for display only. It is not sealed and cannot hold water.*

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