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Candelaria Turquoise

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Candelaria Turquoise Variety

The Candelaria Hills in Southwest Nevada are home to dozens of turquoise mines, large and small. Candelaria turquoise comes from the silver mine owned by the Silver Standard Company and is only mined sporadically as the area has been mostly exploited for the silver and gold which made the area famous since the mid-1800s.

High Grade Red Web Candelaria Turquoise

The turquoise produced here can rival some of the best in the world. Most often it forms in thin veins ranging from deep electric blue to medium greens with black, red and brown matrix.

The best grade turquoise from Candelaria features a dark blue color with red webbing. It's very rare and highly sought after by collectors. The area also produces beautiful spider-webbed variscite which can be quite valuable.

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Candelaria Turquoise Cabs